About The Editor’s Manual

The Editor’s Manual began as an attempt to address those questions that editors ask themselves every day. It quickly grew into a resource not just for editors but also for speakers, writers, and learners of the English language. Here you will find articles on grammar, usage, punctuation, and style. The Editor’s Den is where we discuss editorial job opportunities and style manuals. We are a team of two.

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Hi, I’m Neha, an editor with more than 10 years of experience in academic and business editing. I originally created this website to help fellow editors make faster editing decisions, but have since expanded its scope to include resources on grammar and style for writers of all guilds.

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Hey there, I’m Manjit. I’m a web developer, tinkerer, and sometime designer who is passionate about accessibility, user experience, and all things tech. I designed and developed the Editor’s Manual, and am the one making sure those cogs and wheels keep turning.